Powerdown Show

The Powerdown Show

“Powering up community, creativity and culture in these uncertain times.”

 The Powerdown Show is a series of 10 twenty-minute films, which explore how we might positively adapt to climate and energy uncertainty and build sustainable communities.

The programmes have been broadcast by community and public access TV stations in Ireland, Canada and Australia, as well as being screened by Transition communities from all over the world.

This TV show is based on the 10 themes of the Community Powerdown course and is used as a learning resource for delivering it.

1.   The Challenges AheadClimate, Energy and Sustainability
2.   The Power Of CommunitySocial Capital, Resilience and the Local Economy
3.   It’s All ConnectedWhole Systems Thinking and Permaculture
4.   Rethinking Energy Conservation, Efficiency and Appropriate Technology
5.   Getting AroundTransport and Mobility
6.   Deconstructing DinnerFood Miles, Trade and Food Systems
7.   ShelterFuture Proofing Our Homes and Buildings
8.   Energy Descent PathwaysPost Carbon Cities, Transition Towns and Eco Villages
9.   Global CitizenshipOpportunities for Change
10.  Where Do We Go From Here?Communication and Livelihoods


For the first time The Powerdown Show is being made available online, in its entirety, in the same place. Use the menu above to see each of the episodes – enjoy.

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